BreconIT uses 360° technologies to allow prospective buyers and tenants to enjoy a 3D-virtual 360 degree view of a house or flat with the ability to walk from room to room.

How 360° Tours help sell properties.

They say a picture paints a thousand words, well a 360° picture paints millions.

Bungalow / 2 Bed


2 - 4 Bed


4 - 6 Bed


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  1. Virtual tours save the agent, time, money and hassle

Virtual tours are deigned to be first viewing, allowing the opportunity to immerse in the property, getting a better feel for the layout and determining how they could see themselves living it that space.  By spending this time in the comfort of their own homes viewers can narrow down properties and book viewings based on these experiences, this cuts down the physical time vendors spent showing clients around properties.

  1. Estate agents offering 360° tours are much more likely to gain extra instruction.

Estate agents can now eliminate viewings where their client goes to see the property with no intention of purchasing. 80% of first viewings don’t lead to a second. By using technology to make the first viewing an interactive virtual tour, will not only get the agent more instructions due to the fact that it is innovative and exciting for buyers, but it will also allow agents more time to go after those instructions.

  1. Ease of viewing

Being able to view a property without leaving the home brings the added advantage for viewers with mobility issues, who may otherwise find it difficult to view in person.  There is also the benefit of being able to view the property whenever they want without having to book an appointment or fit it around work or other commitments.  Virtual tours mean the office is always open.

  1. The Vendors

Let’s not forget the vendors here, less disturbance and disruption for them, as less buyers will be viewing the property in person, as they can get an accurate view online and should lead to a quicker sale.

The vendors property is available for viewing day or night and is always tidy.

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